Lochen and Chase P.C.
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Our Staff

We have an incredibly dedicated staff at Lochen & Chase!
We've listed them below by office.


  • Gordon ChaseCertified Public Accountant, Partner
  • Denise RobinsonOffice Manager
  • Alecia DerhammerStaff Accountant
  • Tracy CanfieldStaff Accountant
  • Nicole JayneStaff Accountant
  • Ricky Lochen, IIIStaff Accountant
  • Stephen HooperStaff Accountant
  • Julianne MillerAccounting Paraprofessional
  • Jenna RobinsonDocument Processor


  • Richard LochenCertified Public Accountant, Partner
  • Heather SwartzCertified Public Accountant, MBA
  • Sean FrazierStaff Accountant
  • Charlene McLainAccounting Paraprofessional
  • Vanessa CrockAccounting Paraprofessional
  • Kyle CavanyCertified Public Accountant