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The staff of Lochen & Chase P.C. provide our clients with comprehensive accounting services by implementing our hands-on and uniquely personal commitment to quality in everything we do. With our vast resources in both of our Northeastern Pennsylvania offices, Lochen & Chase P.C. pursues the highest levels of integrity, quality and professionalism in order to provide clients with a broad array of services relating to audit and risk-related services, tax, and transactions.

Services Offered

Lochen & Chase P.C. provides a range of services including accounting and auditing, tax reporting and operations, tax advisory, business risk services, transaction advisory services, and bill-paying for individuals.

Industry Clients

Besides our extensive individual services, Lochen & Chase P.C. provides a variety of comprehensive services to manufacturing, construction, and trucking firms. Furthermore, we have experience helping munipalities meet their unique tax goals.

Personal Commitment

Through either of our strategically placed local offices, Lochen & Chase P.C. is able to afford all of our diverse clients the personalized accounting services necessary to thrive in today’s business environment. Whether our client is an individual, a corporation, a private firm or a public municipality, our services are customized to optimize each client’s specific tax objectives.

Experience Leads to Results

Our professionals at Lochen & Chase P.C. have decades of experience counseling individuals, firms, and public entities to meet their tax demands. The professional family at Lochen & Chase has expanded over the years to meet our increased client base but the firm maintains the same client friendly atmosphere that we consider essential in order to allow our people to excel as a cohesive team